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February 10, 2013
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   BAM! 3 guys: A blond, a brunette, an albino burst in and scooped you into their Zonda. You didn’t even have time to respond, you just went with it, let them take you.

   “Bounjour.” Francis took away the glass of milk that was in you hand and kissed it.

   “Hola.” Antonio said as he went to your left.

   “Hallo.” Gilbert smirked and went to your right.

   You had your puzzling face on as the Spaniard and the Prussian carried you outside and the French opened the door for them. You batted your (color) eyes in confusion as they started the car.

   “So many questions…” You merely uttered and looked at them. What the heck just happened? You were in your Perry the Platypus pajamas enjoying breakfast and your best friends decided to burst in your apartment and take you.

   “Vhat else does it look like ve’re doing, frau? Kesesese!” Gilbert was driving this sweet ride. It was like he read your mind.

   “Oui, we’re taking you for a day out with us, chérie.” Francis curling his arm around your left arm and gave you a warm smile.

   “Si, it’ll be fun, chica! A day out with the BTT.” Antonio chirped cheerfully as he held your right hand gently and smiled at you his adorable smile.

   “Hang on tight guys!” And with that, we zoomed out to that new shopping complex on Cherry Street. Oh, and the ride was AWESOME!

   We rushed into (your fav clothes shop), “We can’t have you running around in that pajamas, right?” Said Antonio.

   “Oh? So it was a great idea to not let me prepare for a day out?” you questioned

   “No offense, (Name), it’s cute but it’s not fitting for our little adventure today.” Francis added, completely ignoring me.

   “Go on!” They all pushed me into the fitting room and shoved me a random outfit. Geez, these guys never change. I didn’t even get to pick what I wear for our day out? You sighed and look at the outfit in my hands. (Fav color dream clothing)! And a little (Accessory) to match the look. I guess they really didn’t have to let me pick, I would’ve picked the same thing. I got dressed and looked at the mirror. Perfect. I walked out of the small room.

   “Magnificent! I knew those would fit you excellently!” Francis cheered knowing his fashion skills were superb. He practically squealed as he examined you like his little doll, circling you to get every view of the eye candy. A faint pink tinted your cheeks as you sighed.

   “I already paid, frau. Awesome. Zhat accessory was my awesome choice. I knew you always vanted zhat.” Gilbert smirked as he stopped Francis from drooling. You giggled at this.

   “Here.” Antonio handed me a bag, “To put Perry inside. I’ll help you hold it too.” He smiled. Ain’t he just the sweetest thing? I put my pajamas in the bag and kissed him on the cheeks. Glibert and Francis were not amused.

   “Toni, you win this round!” Francis exclaimed.

   “Quit talking und let’s go!” Gilbert said and he took my hand and pulled me out.

   It was an amazing day, we had a lovely French brunch recommended by Francis of course. They played with their food and pretended to be truck-drivers. Then, we went to get ice cream as they took me to a funfair and we went on numerous rides. The roller coaster almost made Francis puke while the rest of us laughed at him and his weak stomach. They won me a giant Stitch plushie and Gilbert kept saying that if it wasn’t for his awesomeness we couldn’t even try to get it.

   My favourite ride was the Ferris Wheel where they couldn’t stop rocking the compartment we were in because of too much excitement. Before that they argued over who gets to sit next to me.

   “I want to sit next to (name)!”

   “Nein, ve don’t vant you puking all over (name)!”

   “Hey, it’s our turn. Let’s go!”

   At the end, Gilbert won the seat and he Kesesese-ed.

   “Beautiful!” I said as I gazed out to the scenery before me.

   “Are you afraid?” Asked Francis with a smirk.

   “Zhe awesome me will hold you if you fear! Kesesese!” Gilbert said as he encircled his hand on my waist.

   “Hey!” Francis shrieked in jealousy.

   “I think (name) is too focused on the scenery to care.” Antonio said blankly.

   Later in the evening we had a picnic at the park. Antonio prepared a feast for us! After we filled out stomachs we laid on the grass admiring the sky because we were too lazy to move. Till a daisy appeared in my field of vision, I looked up to find Francis.

   “For you, chérie.” He said.

   “Thank you, Francis.” I sat up and took it, smelling the faint fragrance. Lovely.

   “No fair! I vant to find zhe biggest, prettiest, awesomest flower for (name)!” and with that Gilbert scrambled up and started running all around the park.

   “Non, I will beat you to it! Excuse moi, (name).” He joined in with Gilbert.

   I chuckled as they look ridiculously funny, heck, they even scared a few civilians. Antonio hummed to himself as he walked around also searching for something. These guys just are too much, they are the sweetest, funniest, sometimes most annoying buddies I could wish for. I rested under a tree while watching their ‘treasure hunt’.

   “Here… (name)… I found a Tiger Lily for you!” Gilbert said as he sat next to me and rested his head on my shoulder, boy was he tired.

   “A rose, for the lovely (name).” Francis appeared and laid his head on my thighs. He was tired too. These idiots getting worked up for a flower.

   Then Antonio joined in, circling his arm around my waist and handed me a dandelion. “Pretty, no?” He flashed his adorable smile at me.

   I couldn’t help it anymore, I chuckled and pecked them each on the cheek.

   “Pffft, you guys are the best.” I love this weird relationship we have.

A day out for you fangirls with the BTT!
this is my 3rd fanfic, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! :D

absolutely adore these guys xD

BTT (C) Himaruya-Sensei
Story/plot (C) Me
(Name) (C) You

Edit : Thanks for MAKING THIS TO THE SECOND PAGE OF THE BTT X READER OF ALL DA!! WOW! I AM SO FLATTERED! Please check me out at my new account if you like for more :iconsilverfickle: THANKS AGAIN!!

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One-of-the-Seven Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dude, I want some Perry the Platypus pajamas!!!
DAISIES~!! I LOVE DAISIES!!! And dandelions, and roses~! ... But I've never seen a tiger lily before (not that I know of). Sorry, Gil. xD
Tigerlily113 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
WELP he gave me a tiger lily?
So in other words he gave me. ME
ILikeCupcakez123 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014
... Isn't it amazing how fanfic logic works?? xD
Tigerlily113 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
YEP.......................... XD
SolumSeronix Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tiger lilies? TAKE ME TO THEM.

Second page? Wow, kudos! You really did deserve it, it would be a crime for this awesomeness to be anywhere farther back!
Pinkett1314 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I just love BTT they are awesome
OnePieceFan97782 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014
Adorable, I LOVE THE BTT! Great work!
Pewdelia12 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
When Prussia gave me the Tiger Lily I'm like I choose you! But then France got me a rose and that's my middle name so I couldn't say no and then Antonio gives me a dandelion! Adorable! WHY CAN'T THEY BE REAL!!!!! :(
Tag-San Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Gil... How did you know Tiger Lilies are my favorite...? Happy Cry Little Pixel Heart  *hug and snuggles Prussia* :cuddle: 
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